Fantastic: these royals go for a vegan lifestyle

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Fantastic: these royals go for a vegan lifestyle

© Offered by Beau Monde Fantastic: these royals go for a vegan lifestyle

Wondering if there are royals who eat vegetarian or even vegan food? We figured it out for you.

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is not 100% vegan, but has in the past in an interview with Best Health that she eats vegan during the week and that she sometimes eats meat, fish or milk products with her meals on weekends. She also chose a vegan dress for her wedding reception and she loves vegan cheese, according to the Live Kindly website. Harry would also increasingly go for a plant-based meal. The fact that it has recently become known that Harry also quits his hunting hobby at Meghan's urges seems another step towards a more vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Princess Beatrice

Since 2019, Princess Beatrice has only eaten vegan, according to the Daily Mail. She also celebrated her birthday that year with a complete vegan dinner for all guests.

© Beau Monde Fantastic: these royals go for a vegan lifestyle

Prince Charles

The Daily Express reports that Prince Charles remains healthy and fit by eating mainly organic and vegetarian food. This means that the Prince of Wales does eat and drink milk products, but let meat and fish as much as possible.

Amelia Windsor

George Windsor's youngest daughter, the Earl of St Andrews, is also said to have gone vegan after asking her Instagram followers for tips. A source told the Daily Express that Amelia wanted to prepare herself well for a smooth transition to a vegan diet so she would have plenty of options to choose from the start.