Fast beauty tips that every woman should know

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Fast beauty tips that every woman should know

© Shutterstock Beauty tips for the hurried woman

We prefer to look beautiful every day, but we don't always have time for this. Sometimes we are just too rushed and that is not a bad thing. With these tips you will look a little better, without it costing you too much time!

1. You can also use lipstick or lip balm as a blush. Two in one is both time-saving and space-saving.

2. Replace your pillowcase every week to prevent any impurities on your face that you must then treat again.

3. Invest in a good sleep mask. You apply it to your face before you go to bed and don't rinse it off. Your face will look radiant and hydrated when you get out of bed.

4. Drink water, lots of water, it will really make you beautiful.

5. Use conditioner instead of shaving cream. The emptier your shower, the better and it works just as well, maybe even better.

6. Blow-dry your hair for extra volume, do you want to go next level? Then use a styling mousse for more volume.

7. You can not only use baking powder as a shampoo, it also makes your teeth paler. Yes nasty, but it works!

8. Don't have time to wash your hair in the morning? Then apply some dry shampoo to your hair before you go to sleep. It does its job while you sleep. As soon as your alarm goes off, your hair is free of grease again.

9. Never sleep, but never with makeup on if you want to keep your skin glowing. Also remove your makeup before you start exercising.

10. Do you look tired? Then use white eyeliner on your waterline, the inner edge of your eye. This makes your eyes look bigger and so you look more energetic.