Fast security will not work if you wear this

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Fast security will not work if you wear this

Jacket out. Hat in the bin. Take off. Dr. Martens on the tape. I went to Sicily with hand luggage last month and thought I had done it smart. Until I arrived at security. Yes of course. Smartly packed, yes. But not for a quick security check. Everything off and on, case open and another search round behind it. That lasted and lasted. But what should you not wear if you want to get through security quickly?

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Long summer dresses

Nice and fashionable, but not ideal for a quick security check; the maxi skirt or dress. And maybe not very nice if you need to check underneath your skirt or if there is nothing hidden underneath it except the bikini that you have already put on to chill out at the swimming pool of your hotel.

Jacket or vest

No matter how thin or thick: coats, jackets, blazers and cardigans have to be taken off. Extra layers simply have to be in the container. Otherwise, the security scan cannot see where your trunk ends and your arms begin. So you better travel in a simple sweater or a shirt without fuss.

Pants with those side pockets

You know them, those pants with side pockets. Often in combination with a zipper to make shorts. Hello zip-off pants! These well-known outdoor trousers are super handy, but not for customs control. It may well be that they want to check all those bags one by one. Then you would have wanted your pants to be crammed into your suitcase.

Hair clips

In warm weather, hair clips are a godsend. You don't want those loose tufts dangling in the sweat of your forehead. But during the security check they cause troubles more than once. Or well, a small delay because the detector can go off.

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Image: Unsplash | Adam Wilson

Hats and caps

Many people like to travel with covers or caps. We understand best. Nobody sees the bird's nest after a long flight, and stuffing a hat or cap in your suitcase usually does not benefit your fashion accessory. However, all headwear must be removed at the security check. And often also during passport control. Save time? Then you go hatless on vacation. Do you have another great excuse to buy a souvenir on the boulevard of your holiday destination?

Metal jewelry

You may not think about it, but many jewelry is nowadays made of metal. And let the metal detector (yes, m-e-t-a-a-l) love that. Or not. It saves you time in any case if you only put on your jewelry when you are expected at the chic dinner.

An outfit with glitter

Zoover Blogger Laurien can also do something about it. She experienced in the flesh that glitter and the detector do not go very well together. 'I once had a very chilly flared, with metallic yarn hahaha (I knew a lot). That whole thing lit up and those customs people looked at me with a sigh. One said "a pair of glitter pants, I can see it already ..." Never again with flying. Source of inspiration: