Fathers, get started: 4 easy Mother's Day crafts to make quickly

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Fathers, get started: 4 easy Mother's Day crafts to make quickly

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All teachers are preparing hard for the opening of the schools on Monday. So this is for the fathers and partners of mothers who have not yet arranged anything for Mother's Day next Sunday: tinker with your children. Four ideas from creative teachers.

Decorating fabric

Miss Maike teaches groups 1 and 2 of a primary school. For the smallest she has the tip to keep it simple. She suggests decorating fabric. "Grab a few textile markers or buy them. Many markers and book stores have markers and markers on the shelves."

If you don't have textile markers, you can also use regular markers. Although they are almost finished after a wash. Textile markers last a little longer.

The only thing you need is a piece of textile. "Everything is nice, an (old) T-shirt, a linen bag, a white pillowcase, a kitchen short. Let the children try to draw themselves. If you propose to make the child together with his mother or the family, you often get nice headers, dolls with the arms and legs at the head. "

You can also help your child on the way by drawing the outline of a rainbow, or something else. They can color it in themselves. Still looking for a different idea? Then check Miss Maike's platform. There are several creative blogs.

Painting stones

If anyone is experienced with Mother's Day gifts, it is Miss Janneke. She has been teaching group 1 to 4 for over 28 years. Now she has group 3 under her wing. She gave her students a tip to decorate stones. "This is not complicated and you don't need much, just a stone and some markers."

"Making something yourself is always good," says Janneke. "And everyone has markers in the house. You can find a stone everywhere. Small and large. You can draw a ladybug on it or a flower. You can write and color. And if it fails - which is almost impossible - then you look for just another stone. "

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In principle, every marker is suitable. You can even use colored pens or paint. "But with paint it becomes a mess again, that is a lot less with markers."

Janneke has already painted more than a hundred stones. She spreads them to make people feel good. "I made ladybugs and put them out at the door of people I know work in healthcare. Under the stone I wrote: 'For our heroes in healthcare'. It is something different than a ticket. The children can also make a drawing on the stone for grandpa or grandma, or hide a stone with the neighbors. "

Tealight holders

Miss Danielle has been in the classroom for sixteen years. She has mainly assisted group 3, but also groups 4 and 5. Now she stands for a combination class 3, 4 and 5. In her teacher career she regularly made tea light holders with the children.

© Offered by RTL Nieuws < p> "It's very simple: dab a glass jar with nail polish. For the inside, color salt with sidewalk chalk. It's nice to make layers of different colors. Put a tea light in it, a ribbon around the jar ... and you're done! "

Wind Chimes

Miss Pascalle works through a secondment agency. She teaches groups 6, 7 and 8 at a primary school in Eindhoven. “I had just started when the schools were closed due to corona. Now I teach digitally, there is mainly a need for math, language and spelling, not for creative assignments. ”

That is why she decided to share a craft idea every day on her Facebook. “I think that it is easy to make with materials that most people have in house, so that as few people as possible have to go to the store.”

For Mother's Day, Pascalle came up with a wind chime made of beads. "It is quite easy to make. Cut the top of a plastic bottle and draw a pattern or illustration on the inside with a waterproof marker. If you do it on the outside, your paintwork will not last as long due to the rain. ”

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“ Make holes along the edge with a perforator and tie strings. Thread different colored beads on the string, or if you don't have one: find an old necklace and use the beads from it. It's nice to hang something bigger at the bottom. For example a feather or a silver-colored pendant. ”

“ Put a nail through the cap and put a string through it too. This creates a long string of beads through the center. I knotted a bead on the inside of the cap so that the string does not fall through. Are you ready! ”

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No time? Make breakfast!

Don't have time to tinker or are you just not that handy? Then put together a special Mother's Day breakfast. For example, fold the croissant dough into a heart shape before you put it in the oven.

Or make a fried egg in the shape of a heart. You do this by carefully placing the egg yolk in the pan. Let that solidify something. If it is firm, add the egg white. To make it easy for yourself, put a cookie cutter in it so that the protein is exactly in the right shape.

You can also use a cookie cutter or baking tin with hearts for, for example, cookies or muffins. Drape a few strawberries around it, squeeze a glass of fresh orange juice and to make it even more personal, add a drawing or card. Pick a rose from the garden and place everything on a tray. All you have to do now is walk very carefully to the bedroom.