Fear of flying? This is the safest place on the plane!

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Fear of flying? This is the safest place on the plane!

© Grazia Fear of flying? This is the safest place on the plane!

You hate it every summer. You want to go on holiday, but you don't mind getting on the plane. With all the terrible messages you hear about planes that crash, you hardly dare anymore. If you want to fly a little more relaxed next time, read on.

Fear of flying

You break out in sweat when you think about an airplane alone. It is clear: you have fear of flying. Very annoying, because if you want to arrive at that exotic destination, then you will have to.

Several studies have been done about what is the safest place on the plane. It may not take away your fear of flying, but it can calm you down a bit:

Tip 1

Want to get hold of the safest place on the plane? Several studies have shown that it is best to claim a seat at the rear (behind the wings) of the aircraft. The chance of survival is greatest here.

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Tip 2

If the rear seats are already forgiven, care then that you are as close as possible to the emergency exit. This way you can get out of the plane as quickly as possible if something happens. Studies have shown that it makes a lot of difference how close you are to the emergency exit. Another plus of a place at the emergency exit: more legroom.

Tip 3

Are you frightened of every sound? Then do yourself a favor and never sit in front of the motorbikes. If you are in front of the aircraft engines, you will hear the sound many times louder than when you are behind the engines. So if you want to sit comfortably on the plane, choose a seat in the back.

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