Five times a corona proof gift for Mother's Day

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Five times a corona proof gift for Mother's Day

© Unsplash Mother's Day gift

It's almost that time again: Mother's Day. Unfortunately, we will probably have to celebrate something different than usual this holiday. We would like to advise you to take it out for dinner or treat yourself to a great concert, but we will do it differently. Therefore five times a Mother's Day gift that is completely corona proof. Oh yes, it is on May 10 this year. Don't forget.

Sporty Mother's Day gift

Sixty is the new fifty nowadays. Everyone stays sporty longer, your mother probably too. Maybe it's not such a bad idea to look for a Mother's Day gift in the active corner. A set of weights for example, skates or yoga mat. Super practical, but maybe something your mother wouldn't treat herself to as quickly. We are not responsible if she misunderstands and now thinks you think it is fat.


We are all at home and sometimes suffer from our partner, neighbors or pets. Now that you can't give a day of spa as a gift on Mother's Day, you can also look for relaxation in a different corner. For example, noise-canceling headphones. Just away from the world in its own bubble, without nagging others. Who wouldn't want that?


Maybe a daring choice for mothers with a difficult taste, but if it succeeds really a winner. Especially if you celebrate Mother's Day with the mother of your own children, for example. Of course, companies all jump on men who are picking a nice gift, so the choice is huge. For example, jewelery brand Buddha to Buddha has an entire Mother's Day collection with a gift for every budget. . But who says your mom isn't a born gamer? A game like Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch is ideal, for example, but this console has many games for beginners anyway. Otherwise you can always give a gigantic puzzle as a gift for Mother's Day, you will also have hours of fun with it.

Crazy about flowers

Not very original, but always good. If you are not too stingy, because such a mini bush is of course nothing. If you can't go by, order a nice big forest with a sweet ticket. Preferably with a local florist to help small entrepreneurs also during these difficult times. So be on time and give your mom an incredibly beautiful bunch for Mother's Day.