From balcony bingo to lockdown party: corona crisis brings 700 new words

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

From balcony bingo to lockdown party: corona crisis brings 700 new words

© Rias Immink / HH From balcony bingo to lockdown party: corona crisis creates 700 new words

The corona crisis has enriched our language with hundreds of new words. From one and a half meter society to balcony singer and outdoor shame. Ton den Boon, editor-in-chief of Van Dale, made a corona dictionary. It now contains 700 words.

The book contains many terms from healthcare or virology, such as contamination curve, respiratory equipment or mitigation phase. The most fun are the more creative words, such as lockdown kilos, ball conversations or quarantines, but also window visitors, sky aperitifs or foot kiss. That's a contraction of two existing words. Take quarantine and tindering, that becomes quarantine. ”

Many war terms are also used. "The word care heroes alone comes from the battlefield," said the dictionary maker. “The doctors and nurses were called front soldiers in battle. And it is funny that such metaphor is suddenly embraced internationally. We are fighting an invisible enemy. ”

Den Boon expects that out of 700 words, 70 will survive. “Of course there are also many mayflies, which disappear again. And in the end, people are short on memory. If something very important happens after the summer, or we end up in a very deep depression with all kinds of economic terms, we might well get completely different words. ”

Know from one word he almost sure that it will get the real Van Dale. "One and a half meter society is a word that we already know is going to be a historical term. There is a good chance that we will also find that word in the dictionary. ”

Feel free to browse through the entire corona dictionary.

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