Funda fanatics can now virtually enter their dream home

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Funda fanatics can now virtually enter their dream home


Buyers who have found their dream home on Funda can register for a virtual viewing. The real estate agent guides them through the home via a live video connection, whereby the participating viewers can also ask questions directly via a chat functionality.

For the video connection, 'all common applications in the market' are supported, Funda states: "Facebook Live, Instagram Live and Zoom." In addition, it is possible to make a 3D tour through all rooms on your own. Ceo Quintin Schevernels of Funda speaks of “a modern and safe way to view homes” during the corona crisis. At Funda, the number of viewings declined rapidly after the contact restrictions introduced by the government.

In addition, 36% of the house hunters on Funda declared that they were reluctant to move. For the time being, a quarter of the homeowners refrain from selling their own home. This percentage was highest with transfer students, at 46%. In a study published at the same time, 20% of Funda visitors now do not go to view a house. The same result was shown in a member survey by Vereniging Eigen Huis.

A week ago, 80% of the Funda visitors said "absolutely" not to make a bid based on such a home view.