Glamor cats: these are the most expensive

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Glamor cats: these are the most expensive

© Beau Monde Glamor cats: these are the most expensive

The breeds are either difficult to grow or very beautiful, or both.

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1. The British Shorthair

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You probably know them from TV commercials and they cost from £ 350 to € 1000 euros, depending on the build and characteristics of the breed.

2. The sphynx naked cat

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For this naked beauty you pay a whopping € 2200.

3. Persian cat

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The one and only grumpy cat. € 3700 euros and you have someone who will always look grumpy at you #goals.

4. Oriental shorthair or Peterbald

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They seem to be very friendly and affectionate and are known for their intelligence. The price can go up to € 3500 euros.

Bengal cat

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Looks like a leopard and guess what? The cat breed is a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. The price? € 20,000 euros.


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A cross between a domestic cat, African Serval and a Bengal Tiger Cat Difficult to breed and therefore costs around € 70,000, bargain ...

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