Good intentions: put your phone away more often

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Good intentions: put your phone away more often

© Shutterstock Digital contact adds little to your happiness

You are having lunch with your colleague and meanwhile you are appeasing with your best friend, you are also planning a new appointment with the physiotherapist and you have made a new match at Tinder .

For many, it is quite normal to socialize with several people at the same time. Experts say you experience less pleasure when you combine digital with face-to-face contact than when you simply put your phone away and spend time with each other.

A study at the University of Virginia followed for a week 174 millennials. Five times a day they were sent a questionnaire on their mobile phone in which they had to fill in what they did in the previous 15 minutes. They indicated whether they had personal social contact or digitally, how they connected to the person they were in contact with and how good or bad they generally felt.

The results show that only when they had personal contact with someone, they felt better than when they were not in contact with anyone at all. There were no advantages compared to digital socializing and not socializing at all. When digital and face-to-face contact took place at the same time, they felt the least happy.

In short, put that telephone away when you are talking to someone and focus more on personal contact. You will feel a lot happier. New goal for 2020?

Source: DailyMail