Groom cleverly takes revenge on bride

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Groom cleverly takes revenge on bride

© Grazia Bridegroom cunningly takes revenge on bride

Everyone hopes that his wedding day will be a fairy tale, but unfortunately that is not reserved for all of us. For example, a groom from Singapore found out that his bride was cheating on him and cunningly took revenge during the wedding.

Private detective

You'd think it only happened in movies, but this family really experienced it. When the man caught his fiance on cheating, he decided to hire a private investigator to check on his girlfriend. The detective recorded everything he saw. The images were saved for 'the big day'.

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Just before the 'year word 'the bride played a self-edited video with beautiful images from recent years. But, suddenly, the video jumped over to images of his fiancé and her lover. All guests were shocked. The humiliated bride has left the room. Painful!

Image: SATC