Gucci comes with a Mickey Mouse watch for the New Year

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Gucci comes with a Mickey Mouse watch for the New Year

© Gucci Gucci Mickey Mouse watch

Do you think mice would like it if we labeled them as rats? We honestly don't think so. With the newest watch from Gucci we hope that they are not so quickly kicked on their tail. In honor of the Chinese New Year and the upcoming year of the rat, the fashion brand comes with Mickey Mouse watches.

The Grip watch

The watch with Mickey Mouse, which Gucci is now on is a variation on an existing type of watch. The Grip is a watch line based on the way skateboarders stick to the board with their shoes using Grip tape. A picture of Mickey Mouse has been placed on these new versions.

They are available in two variants. The 35 mm edition is made of PVD with a layer of gold around it, this watch comes with a canvas Supreme strap. There is also a second version for everyone who is not a fan of gold. This is slightly larger, 38 mm, and made of steel. The strap of the watch is made of the same steel as the clock itself. Of course the Gucci logo is engraved in the band.

Pricey piece of pop culture

Having a Mickey Mouse watch is of course super stylish, pop culture can give you a lot of style inspiration. Yet for this piece of nostalgia you have to take a deep look. The watches cost a meager € 1,500 and we can imagine that you will not pay for it. Fortunately at Gucci they have a complete Gucci x Disney collection in honor of the Chinese New Year. Do not expect floor prices, it is still Gucci. A t-shirt will soon cost you around 500 peaks. But you have to pay for some crazy Mickey Mouse merch.

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(Image: Gucci)