Hair trend from Paris is a huge hit

04 Mar 2024Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Hair trend from Paris is a huge hit

© Grazia Hair trend from Paris is a huge hit

Parisiennes are known to know the best beauty tips and the finest perfumes. But they also understand hairstyles; they have come up with the perfect solution for model off duty hair.

The Parisian way

The look of many Parisian women looks very effortless, nothing seems to be made. the half-up bun. You spot the casual but chic trend everywhere and it is also very easy to make.


The handy thing about this hairstyle is that it keeps the hairs out of your face. By first processing your hair with a curling iron, it becomes nicely playful. The key is therefore not to perfect it, but to let all loose tufts hang.

Click HERE for the how-to.

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