Hairdresser Daizy closes doors: 'Don't cut your hair yourself now'

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Hairdresser Daizy closes doors: 'Don't cut your hair yourself now'

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The government has decided that all hairdressers should close their business to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Daizy Mastbroek of DaizyHair in Berkel-Enschot must also disappoint its customers: until April 6, all agreements have expired. But she warns: "Don't cut your hair yourself, because then we will be working on getting it right again."

If we call Daizy this morning, she will only have a short time. "I am preparing home kits for people who have a lot of gray outgrowth, for example. It is really annoying for them if their paint appointment cannot go through, so I now make small packages with hair dye, gloves and a disposable cloak so that they can access their own hair Working. "

Cutting is a profession

So painting can be done at home, but we really shouldn't cut our own hair, Daizy says. "It really seldom goes well, cutting is a profession. I sometimes come across customers who have put the scissors in their hair themselves, often we are working for months or longer to get it back in the right model."

Tips for people who now have their hands in their hair

For the people who are now with their hands in the hair due to the closure of the barber shops, Daizy will be putting some styling- and care tips on her Instagram account. A tip from the veil:

My main tip is real: do not go to work with scissors yourself For men with a shorter haircut, this is the chance to finally put their hair in a different haircut. Spines are so 1999! How to change your haircut without clipping: Comb parting in your wet hair. If necessary, blow-dry your hair in that direction and apply a firm wax to keep your spines in place. Ladies who have no volume now because their hair was ready for a haircut should ensure that they always have a bottle of dry shampoo and sea salt spray. You apply the sea salt spray in wet hair at the roots and the dry shampoo has extra volume and you spray it between your hair at the roots. You can also make this period something positive for your hair. You go outside less so you have more time to take good care of your hair. Take a mask more often and blow-dry your hair less now that you go out less often. To make split ends less noticeable, it is good to also use a serum after the hair mask. And further: just look in the mirror less often and be less critical of your appearance. Stay safe, so that after this difficult period we can worry about something like our exploded sections.

Not a meter and a half

Daizy is happy that the government has made a decision. "Of course it is crazy not to be in the salon now. But I am also relieved, this is necessary. If you see how the numbers of infections, hospital admissions and deaths have increased in recent days, you know that it is coming. Fortunately, I want to do everything I can to stop the virus. "

There was a lot of uncertainty lately, says Daizy. "At first the industry association advised to close, which was later withdrawn. But in the meantime we also noticed that it was practically impossible to keep 1.5 meters away from the customers. We have made some adjustments in the salon so that customers can continue were separated and in the meantime we have complied with all regulations, but that one and a half meters remained a problem. "


There was also a lot of unrest among customers. "Some people called off their appointment because they were sick or worried about getting sick. But there were also people who wanted to bring up their appointment so that they could certainly be cut or painted before we might have to close" , she says.

"It is actually quite funny to see that people are still very vain in these times."

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Heart under the belt < / h2>

Today the apps are pouring in at Daizy. "A lot of people support me, which is very nice to notice. They also ask whether they can already pay for treatment in the future, or how they can help me financially in other ways. That is heartwarming But for now I'm not worried about that. Our accountant is already looking into which arrangements we can use. "

Daizy will be busy rescheduling appointments in the near future. "People prefer to have an appointment as soon as possible after 6 April. I now put it on the agenda, but with reservation. We don't know how it will go."

Price for the worst coupe

"Furthermore, I might be making a tutorial on how people can best style their hair now and I was thinking about a challenge on my instagram account: who has the worst coup at the end of the ride? ? He will win a prize or something. We just have to make the best of it. Our appearance and hairstyle is less important in these times. "

Also on Twitter are (photoshoped) pictures of special hairstyles:

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