Hairdressers are calling: Please don't start cutting at home

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Hairdressers are calling: Please don't start cutting at home

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THE HAGUE (ANP) - Now that the hairdressers are closing for the time being due to the corona crisis, alternatives are being sought closer to home. But hairdressers strongly warn: stay away from the scissors and clippers yourself.

"You don't just do it, it really is a subject for which we went to school for four years", says Patrick van der Vaart of the Beau Rivage hair salon in Utrecht. "It really won't work three times if you try it at home." He is supported by Rick van den Berg, who works in an Amsterdam business, and Miranda Vast, who works at Time Out in Groningen. "Don't start anyway, because things are going wrong," says Van den Berg.

According to the hairdressers, this also applies if the customer is assisted remotely via a video connection. "Then it will fail and we will be blamed," said Van den Berg. Also, dyeing your hair yourself would not advise Vast. "We use professional equipment and advice from home does not always work."

Know for yourself

The ANKO industry association believes that hairdressers should be able to know for themselves whether they offer help remotely. The association especially wants to emphasize that they adhere to the rules. "You really shouldn't cut now," said a spokesperson. Businesses in severe weather can now best look at which schemes they are entitled to, how they can do business creatively and how they can prepare themselves for reopening their business.

The hairdressers delight in the hairstyles that expect them again after the corona period. "You often see those bites from the hair when you try it yourself," says Van der Vaart. "Or very ugly lines. Well, it does mean that in a few months I will be full of people who want to restore their hair."

Hair clipper

Still, Van der Gently suggest that you can do a men's haircut with the clippers at home. "With a comb attachment, and then always a bit shorter until you have the desired result." Gentlemen can also thin out their hair with special scissors. Ladies can also trim their bangs themselves. "Twist the hair together, and cut it off a little at a time. Then it will be fine again when you let go."

Probably warns that you have to know what to do when you cut a pony. "If you pull it too tight, it will still go wrong. Then you let go and shoot her in all directions." According to her, cutting yourself is not doing at all. "I have nineteen years of experience and only cut my kids."

What they agree on is that your hairstyle isn't the most important thing right now. "Your hair only grows an inch a month," says Van der Vaart, "so what are we talking about? Really. Don't do it."