Hamburg, the new Berlin

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Hamburg, the new Berlin

On a city trip in Germany? Berlin is hip, but Hamburg is very hip. You must be here during your city trip in Berlin's little sister. See, do, eat & sleep in Hamburg: © Offered by Zoover Media BV Hamburg

3 x neighborhoods in Hamburg

Ottensen Once a working-class neighborhood, now especially popular with highly educated young families, with lofts, cinemas, shops and galleries in old factories. Schanzenviertel Schanzenviertel - better known as "The Schanze" - is reminiscent of Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin by the alternative public. There is a flea market on Saturdays (metro: Feldstrasse). No hipsters with buns here, but retro punks who drink "Deathpresso" in vintage armchairs. St. Pauli The Simon von Utrecht Strasse is the determining factor in this district. On the one hand you have the illustrious Reeperbahn (you must see it) and on the other hand the locals stay in hidden city gardens and bicycle shops called "Suicycle". John Lennon made his famous doorway photo in this neighborhood, standing in the doorway of an old building on Jäger Passage in Wohlwillstrasse. The photographer would have said: "John, just look as arrogant as possible. In fact, the way you always look." © Offered by Zoover Media BV Hamburg

5 x food & drinks

Clouds Rooftop bar above the Reeperbahn where you can eat and drink on the rooftop terrace of the Dancing Towers. Cocktails are called "Lekker Ding" and "Natural Hipster" (Reeperbahn 1). Herr Max A household name in Hamburg. A pastry shop with the tastiest cakes in town (Schulterblatt 12). Cafe Paris Art Nouveau jewel in the old town with French cuisine (Rathausstrasse 4). Krug Super good food and the best wine list in Hamburg. Very small, so make a reservation. Especially on Saturday evening. Funny detail: the Beatles slept next door when they were not that famous in the early sixties. Paul-Roosen Strasse 35. Neni Soul Kitchen with a kitchen from the Middle East. Altes Hafenamt (Osakaallee 12). © Offered by Zoover Media BV Vismarkt Hamburg

Do it 4 times in Hamburg

To the beach The beaches of Hamburg are a must-visit. Pauli Beach is the craziest. A kind of Ibiza on the Elbe. Much more to the west is Perle Beach with real sand. This is how you get there: Pauli Beach is just behind the Landungsbrücken in St. Pauli. The easiest way to reach Perle beach is by ferry. Get on at Landungsbrücke or the Fishmarkt. Get off at Övelgönne (follow the flip flops). Ferry 62. Price: € 2.20 one way. Duration: 10 minutes. Cycling Hamburg is perfect for exploring by bike. There are red bicycles everywhere. The first half hour you can use them for free. Daily rate: 15 euros. Info: U-boat museum Fans of the classic film Das Boot (beautiful film) can take a look at the belly of an old Russian submarine. On board: 24 torpedoes and space for 48 people (well, space). The U-boat can be visited all year round and is located in the harbor near the fish market (Altona). Vismarkt You are not supposed to sleep in Hamburg. Certainly not on Saturday evening. After a night out, roll straight on to the fish market in Altona, which takes place here every Sunday morning from 5 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. (in winter from 7 a.m.). Every week "sold out" street theater led by prominent merchants listening to names such as Aale Dieter, the man who has been selling eel for 50 years: "I can basically sell everything, aber ohne Flickflack kein Verkauf." © Offered by Zoover Media BV Hotel Hamburg

Sleep 3 times in Hamburg

Hotel Barceló Hamburg A modern design hotel with sauna, terrace and wine bar in the heart of Hamburg. The rooms are decorated in a Spanish style. 25hours Hotel Hafencity A modern hotel with fantastic decor and views of the river. Excellent value for money. Motel One Hamburg-Alster Budget design with modern, basic rooms and a bar open 24 hours a day. Motel One is in a great location near a metro station. Source: ANP