Handy computer tips to speed up your workday

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Handy computer tips to speed up your workday

© Shutterstock By simplifying your tasks you get more done and you might be able to go home earlier. Discover the most useful tips here.

Sometimes we are so busy fulfilling our daily tasks that we don't spend time thinking about more effective ways we can perform those tasks. We help a few handy computer tips that you may not know yet.

Open websites simultaneously

You probably already use bookmarks to open websites faster, but it is still possible faster. By creating folders in your bookmarks bar you can start multiple websites at the same time. For example, if you always open five websites when you start the day, you can place them in a specific folder. By right clicking on the folder, you can choose to open all bookmarks in the folder. You can also create one folder per task, so that you immediately open the correct sites when you start a task.

Uninstall all unnecessary programs

Even if your computer is not slow, This does not mean that your computer has reached its optimum speed. It is therefore always important to remove unnecessary programs. In addition to making your computer faster, it makes your computer more organized because the programs no longer appear in menus or on your desktop. Visit all programs once or twice a year to see if you need them. If in doubt, look for the function of the program.

When did you start?

If you have a flexible start time, you may sometimes forget when you actually started your workday. This is not very useful if you want to work exactly eight hours. The result may be that you leave too late or too early. Fortunately, it is possible to see when you have started your computer. Open the Windows search bar (Windows button + S) and search for 'logs', also known as 'event viewer'. Then go to the folder 'windows logs' on the left and click the arrow next to it to open the folder. Then click on 'system'. You will see a list of tasks that your computer has performed and the time. Simply scroll down to the first action of the day. That is the moment that you have switched on your computer.