Hanneke goes completely free after her divorce: "A new sex date every week"

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Hanneke goes completely free after her divorce:

In the "Between the sheets" section, women talk about their sex lives. This story comes from Hanneke (47). Her marriage broke down last spring. Since then she has had a date almost every week. "I immediately say: I want sex, not a relationship!"

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"Nothing was left of my marriage for years. I became increasingly disturbed by my husband's behavior; I couldn't even have it at the end when I heard him breathing. It's weird how you almost love to hate someone. I found his relaxed attitude back then mostly miserable. He never even showed initiative, preferring to hang out on the couch with a bottle of wine every evening. Our relationship lacked any form of tension. "

Hardly any protest

" He was always tired of his work and never did anything nice with the children. We had hardly had sex for years. I often went upstairs earlier and slept when he came to bed. That way I at least escaped a little from that one attempt in the month to get me that far. I took the plunge, just like that, from one day to the next. "I'm done," I said. He barely protested. "


" We were divorced very quickly. I have a good job and I could easily buy a new house. The freedom that I have experienced since I no longer carry around with that "block on my leg" is enormous. I get air again. We still have contact, but only about the children. I cannot imagine with retrospective how I managed to keep my marriage going for so long. "

On the couch

" I started dating right away when I was in my new home sat. Our children are a bit older, they go their own way. Moreover, they are with my ex two days a week. Those days are mine; I haven't spent a day on the couch. Yes, on a date couch - naked! Because oh, my sex life has blossomed now that I'm single again. "

Too flat?

" It's so easy to score a date as a woman. You have to separate the bad guests from the nice ones, but luckily I have a reasonable feeling for that, I must say. I always first app with them, then I want to call. On the phone you already make a lot about someone. If it's too flat, I'll drop out. But I am very clear towards the men: I want an exciting date, not a relationship. "


" We often go out for dinner first. Then I always have an escape. If someone is really not fun, I quit after dessert. This has not happened very often. Then we either dive into a hotel room or we go to his home. During dinner I always ask the men if they live nicely. "Do you have a photo of your house," I want to know. That way I can at least estimate if I don't end up in a rancid loft. When I see that it is too student-like or too messy, I suggest booking a hotel a little later. I don't have to do it in a neglected single-man apartment. "

Gossiping neighbors

" I rarely take a man to my house. I prefer that they do not know where I live and I am not waiting for gossip from the neighbors. If someone is very tasty and can do very well, I would like to make an exception. Not a week goes by that I don't have a sex date. My mother should know, I think. "

" You are beautiful "

" I don't want a relationship yet, I enjoy this freedom way too much. It is wonderful to be worshiped in this way. Where my ex never said he liked me, I now hear it almost every day. Surely every woman wants that? The children think I am gone with a friend, they do not need to know what their mother is up to. My friends enjoy my exciting stories. One of them is also about to divorce. She was in the same boat as me and my stories are the straw. "

Already sentence

" Married men, single men, young men, wealthy men: I have everything in had a bed in recent months. No sex party is the same. Every now and then I meet someone who is really good and I meet more often with him. But below the line I keep them all at a distance. Tonight there is a date with a 32-year-old man on the program. I'm already looking forward to it. ”

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