Healthcare providers in the spotlight

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Healthcare providers in the spotlight

They take care of another day and night. All the more pleasant to be cared for as a care provider yourself. These five toppers from the obstetrics & gynecology department of the Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis in Delft received a well-deserved afternoon of pampering with Rob Peetoom.

© José van Riele From left to right: Charlotte, Birgit, Claire, Mascha and Roos

Charlotte Jongeleen (56)

Hairdresser Vincent: "We bleached Charlotte's gray hair, cut it and styled it with wax instead of gel." Stylist Karin: “Charlotte has long legs, pants with a flair pipe go well with that. The accent of the bow in the collar is all the more fun now that she has even shorter hair. ”

Charlotte is behind the counter 28 hours a week. ,, Because patients come for different operations and examinations, such as endoscopy, lung examination or the ENT treatment room, my work is very diverse. That's what I like most about my job. When I look at the schedule in the morning and think it will be a quiet day, something happens and everything is different. I love that challenge! ""

© José van Riele After

"I make a lot of telephone calls. Not only with patients, but also with the operating room. For example when a patient can be picked up. I am the link between many people in the department. I have also known the other side since 2013: I noticed a lump in my breast and then ended up in a treatment program for breast cancer: surgery, chemo, radiation. Yes, then you will be different in life. After the treatments I also suddenly got gray, curly hair. I used to bleach it, but after my illness I just left it that way. I was very curious what the team would do with my gray hair. ”

About her metamorphosis

© José van Riele

,, My hair is blonde and straight again! I am very happy with the result. I also like the clothes very much and look good on me. The dark blouse goes well with my blond hair. And those jeans are great! ”

Birgit van Henning (49)

Hairdresser Vincent:“ We cut it slightly and put it in the curls. Instead of small, fluffy curls, she now has a nice coarse curl. ” Stylist Karin: “A unicoloured garment, like this dress, makes it slimmer and longer. You can wear the loose belt in the desired place; with Birgit he had a nice waist. I exchanged Birgit's black work clogs for black suede boots with a high heel. ”

Birgit is a specialized nurse and works 20 hours a week during all shifts. “I have three children, the youngest of whom is 11, so I try to work on fixed days as much as possible. I like the acute care in our department. You're kind of an emergency, so you never know what to expect during a shift. I am most in my element when childbirth is more complex than expected and can act in such a way that it has a positive follow-up for the patient. That makes me feel good. ""

© José van Riele

"As colleagues we sometimes do things together. Once every two weeks I go to Spanish class with Roos, Mascha and Charlotte. It has been our wish for some time to volunteer in Bolivia in a children's home for newborn children. They stay there until they are self-employed or adopted. Our hospital supports employees to do volunteer work, so hopefully we qualify. ”

About her metamorphosis

,, I always wore my hair, otherwise it would frizz. With this metamorphosis I completely stepped out of my comfort zone. I had one condition: I didn't want it to be cut. Vincent immediately indicated that he wasn't going to do that. He styled and curled my hair very nice. I wouldn't choose the dress myself, but I think the boots are super nice. ”

Claire Erades (41)

Hairdresser Vincent:“ We left Claire's extensions. The hair is cut more to one length, on the collarbone. A few red warm strands around her face give more depth. ” Stylist Karin: “Claire is not that big and an outfit in one color and one whole (a jumpsuit) is a good choice. The classic trench coat is made of denim, which makes it a bit cooler. White heels make it nice and spicy, because that is Claire. ”

© José van Riele

Claire has been working as a specialized nurse in the obstetrics (everything related to pregnancy) and gynecology department for about twenty years. . “After a number of years in gynecology, I did an education to work in the delivery rooms. We have nine of those rooms. I work 24 hours a week and then work all shifts, including the night shift. Sometimes that is quite difficult, especially with a 2-year-old son. Fortunately, we can plan our schedules ourselves and possibly exchange a service. The thing I like most about my job is acute; I like to think and act quickly. It keeps me on my toes and gives me energy. ""

© José van Riele

"Of course there are also unpleasant things happening in the hospital, but luckily I can let that go at home. Only when I was pregnant myself did I care more. My mission is therefore to let someone go home after an emotional event with the feeling that she dares to come back again. And luckily that happens, then I will see them again with a new pregnancy. ”

About her metamorphosis

,, To be honest, I was terrified. I didn't want my hair cut too short and I was initially shocked when Vincent put in the scissors. But I am very happy with the end result. I like the lighter shades in my hair very much. Just like the denim jacket! ”

Mascha van Rijn (48)

Hairdresser Vincent:“ We have updated Mascha's blonde highlights. In addition, more layers have been cut into the hair and it has been blow-dried. ” Stylist Karin: “Mascha can handle this light blue suit. If you are tall, you can also easily wear a turtleneck sweater. The black color gives a nice contrast. The cowboy boots make the suit less business-like, so you can wear it much more often. ”

Mascha has worked as a specialist nurse for thirty years, and is also an ultrasound technician. “I am in the hospital for two days and two days as a freelancer in an ultrasound practice. In 2005 I received additional training as an ultrasound technician. Since January 1, 2006, every pregnant woman has had a 20-week ultrasound and I had the opportunity to set up this department. Because I was able to make neck fold measurements, I was also approached a lot by ultrasound practices. From that question I started working as a self-employed person. Carina Hilders, gynecologist, professor and director of our hospital, inspires me. She understands how it works in the hospital and that you should approach people positively. She makes sure that we are well with each other and that we have the best department. ""

© José van Riele

"In my work I call myself a real tracking dog. I search for deviations, which of course I hope I don't find. But if I do find them, I am the bringer of bad news. I am now specialized in that. I have seen and experienced so much that I have gained a lot of experience. I try to make it as transparent as possible for the patient. By looking and listening carefully, we can avoid problems. In this way we improve the quality of health care. Quality and customer friendliness are paramount to me. My motto is: if you are not satisfied with the butcher, you also go to someone else, so treat a patient how you want to be treated yourself. ”

© José van Riele Before

About her metamorphosis

,, At work we must be representative and uniform and we must not wear jewelery or a cheerful nail polish. And the hair should always be tied in a tail, braid or bun. So a metamorphosis like this was up to me. I look like Farrah Fawcett with those curls and those flowing locks. Awesome! I would never have thought up the suit myself, but I like it, right? Something different than standard jeans. I say mission accomplished! ”

Roos Langbein (51)

Hairdresser Vincent:“ Roos now has bangs and we have given her hair color more depth. ” Stylist Karin: “That soft blue color is very nice with her new warm hair color. And with her light eyes. The silk blouse with the linen indigo fabric makes it a bit more exciting. Linen is mainly casual, while silk looks luxurious. ”

Roos is a specialized nurse. She started in gynecology and then specialized as an obstetric nurse. “I have been working in the mother / child department for the past twenty years, mostly on obstetrics. I work three days a week and also assist with gynecological procedures. The technical aspect and intensive contact with patient and specialist makes my work even more varied. Irregular services are no problem for me. Important for me is a good balance between private and work. I find it interesting that it is not a nine to five job. ""

"I don't know how my day starts and how it ends. So much is happening and the work is often ad hoc. The unpredictability of a service - a delivery that can just go differently, the beautiful, but also the intensely sad moments with patients - makes it varied and challenging. ”

About her metamorphosis

,, Exciting, such a metamorphosis, but also great fun. I think it is important to look good and have had several hairstyles over the years. I've had it red, a permanent and an asymmetrical bob. I am very happy with this model! And the linen suit is something different. It has a nice color and is nice with a pair of heels underneath. ”