Help! The surprise must be made

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Help! The surprise must be made

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Oh no! The wonderful evening is almost there and you still have to put that whole surprise together. Moreover, it has been years since you have been running semi-professionally (at least, you think so yourself) with craft materials. High time for a little freshening up. How should you make a good surprise? What materials and tools do you need to prepare to complete this mission? Don't cry, you'll be fine. After reading this article you will soon be King Surprise.

Oh dear, oh dear, papier-maché

If you decide to make something in a certain form that is not really right such as a football (but don't do that, because cliché), then papier-maché is the best solution. Although, perhaps casting in plaster or bronze is the best option. Papier mache is the easiest. Good. It all starts with shaping the object. You do this with chicken wire. Why? Because it is easy to bend and shape and it is wonderfully cheap.

Once formed, the newspapers now come. You cut this into long strips. Then you dip them in the wallpaper glue and cover the previously made construction. With a layer or three you have to be able to come a long way. If you want to hide the gift in the surprise, don't forget to leave an opening behind or make a hatch.

Give them from cardboard

Don't feel like dirty hands? Then cardboard might be a better option. You can still do a lot with cardboard, because it already consists of several layers. Because of the structure, cardboard can be formed well. Thick tip: make a front and back into a certain shape and then use a thinner strip of cardboard to shape the sides. This way you get a 3D effect.

From all of us here at JFK ... Good luck and also try to write a bit of a fluent poem.

(Illustration: The Big Bear Art Studio)