Here you can eat delicious food on the magical island of Bali

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Here you can eat delicious food on the magical island of Bali

You can eat wonderfully on Bali. Fish grilled in a banana leaf, a rice table with all kinds of tasty dishes, satay, but also healthy vegetarian meals: you can find it all in Bali.

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Local delicacies on Bali and good restaurants

On Bali they don't actually eat Indonesian rice tables like we are used to here. The nasi campur comes closest here. This is a kind of mini-rice table with white rice and various meat and vegetable dishes around it. Saté, sambal, an egg with spicy sauce and tempé are always included. Recommended!

Ikan pepesan: fish in banana leaf

If you like fish, then the spicy ikan pepesan is addictive. This is fish seasoned with a mixture of, among other things, lemongrass, onion, tomato, red peppers, garlic and shrimp paste, folded in a banana leaf. The fish is then prepared on the grill. Typical Indonesian and very tasty! © Offered by Zoover Media BV

Babi guling: Balinese specialty

It is the specialty of Bali and when it comes to Balinese, the water is already in your mouth: babi guling. This is in short roasted suckling pig on a spit. The pig is filled with various herbs, nuts and lemongrass and the skin receives treatment with koenji juice. The meat is then roasted over a wood fire.

Good restaurants in Bali

On Bali, it is really full of excellent restaurants. In Ubud, for example, you are in good hands when it comes to culinary delights. Do you want traditional Indonesian food? Then stop by Cafe Wayan in Jl. Monkey Forest Road. You sit comfortably in a beautiful tropical garden and the food is delicious. It is a great place to try an extensive plate of nasi campur.

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Bali has something magical

Bali has something special. You feel it as soon as you get off the plane. The faint scent of incense, the blooming flowers and the waving palm trees. A procession with traditionally dressed Balinese just coming from a side street. Of course, Bali is no longer undiscovered paradise. But outside the famous tourist places you feel the relaxed atmosphere, everywhere you see traces of Balinese culture and the lush interior is an oasis of green.

Places you shouldn't miss

Do you want to experience the magic of Bali yourself? Then try to see as much of the island as possible. If you like hip coast pictures, then Canggu is the place to be. As the crow flies this surfers town is not far from the busy Kuta, but the atmosphere is completely different. It is full of hip tents, it is relaxed and it is a great place to learn how to surf. If you prefer the most beautiful beaches, the Nusa Dua peninsula is a must. You can experience culture in the artists' town of Ubud and for beautiful nature, Munduk in the north is ideal.

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Beautiful and affordable hotels in Bali

One of the nicest things about a trip to Bali are the affordable dream hotels that you can book there. If you are going there next summer, check out Hotel Maya Ubud. A luxury hotel in the middle of the rice fields, including spa and beautiful tropical garden. "Breathtaking swimming pools, super massages with a view over the river and incredibly tasty breakfast," says Anita van Loon. Prefer the beach? Sol Beach House Benoa in Nusa Dua looks beautiful and gets a whopping 9. Bali is also an ideal holiday destination with children. Balinese love children, so they can count on enough attention!