Holiday at Home: 10X tips from the editors

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Holiday at Home: 10X tips from the editors

© Beau Monde Holiday at Home: 10X editor's tips

How do you translate your planned dream trip into a staycation? Think out of the box. Because with a little creativity you can just bring your holiday home.


1. Had you and your husband booked two weeks in a hedonic resort in Jamaica - see hedonism. com, recommended! - then an online tantra course might be the next best thing, for example via If you want to play golf with the kids, consider a miniature golf course in the garden, both for sale and for rent.

2. Is your wellness holiday canceled? Then rent a Finnish barrel sauna at € 275 per week. For about the same amount you have a bubble bath for six people, via

3. If we can't go to Ibiza, Ibiza will just come to us. Ready! Score on colorful cushions and other accessories that will easily give your home a Mediterranean atmosphere. You can shop nice umbrellas and rattan furniture at

4. Make a playlist of your favorite holiday music. What is the soundtrack of this Staycation? If with a little luck the sun shines, you will get in the mood.

5. Consider doing that language course alone or with the family. You can do this online, with a trainer. Speak Spanish or French for an hour a day together, and you will imagine yourself in Southern Europe.

6. You can take it much further: connect your laptop to your television (for a bigger and better picture) and finally learn to dance flamenco, salsa or tango. With a partner or alone, in front of the mirror!

7. Ditto with regard to cooking. Now you finally have time to put together that seafood paella and complete rice table. And where did the pasta maker go? Your ice cream maker? Crank them again.

8. Wine from your favorite holiday country should of course not be missing. Like Ibizkus from Ibiza or perhaps apple cider from Sweden or a good glass of Graham's Port.

9. Do you have children? Use them fully. Have them schedule a movie night, perhaps through a projector in the garden. Of course they can also provide catering and order those groceries themselves online. Bake pizza or cakes yourself, or make mini burgers and hot dogs. Your husband is supervising, you are escaping to your boudoir.

10. Single mothers are now having a harder time, with the kids in quarantine. So it may just happen that at a quarter past eleven in the morning, instead of Fristi for your kids, you pour a rose for yourself. You can feel very guilty about it, or just shamelessly enjoy it. #metmateuiteraard