Holiday destination 2020: these are the places you want to go

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Holiday destination 2020: these are the places you want to go

What could be better than vacation? Holiday to a place that is still relatively undiscovered. These are the places you definitely want to go in 2020. Which holiday destination do you choose? © Offered by Zoover Holiday destination 2020; these are the places you want to go Spain Nerja

Holiday destination Nerja

Nerja, in the south of Spain, is not only located in the popular Spanish region of Andalusia, but also on the Costa del Sol. This lovely coastal town is ideal for a holiday when you don't just want to see the beach during your stay. From this place you are in the middle of beautiful nature or one of the nearby picturesque white villages. Apartment Andaluz Apartments achieve a phenomenal score of 9.4 on Zoover. Reviewers Ton and Marjo Duin even rate the accommodation with a 10. 'We stayed 4 weeks in apartment Tor02. A nice clean and complete apartment with balcony with sea view. Beach, supermarket, restaurants and bars and center everything is a short distance from the apartment. "


Córdoba in the Spanish region of Andalusia was added a new UNESCO World Heritage in 2018. The Medina Azahara, an Arabic-Islamic stronghold near the Spanish city, received this honor. Only a handful of holidaymakers have still visited this fascinating place, a good reason to make this city and the surrounding area a holiday destination for 2020. © Offered by Zoover São Miguel ponta delgada Portugal

Ponta Delgada

When you think of Portugal as a holiday destination, you usually think of regions like the Algarve. Or the cities of Porto and Lisbon or perhaps on Madeira. However, if you want to experience Portugal in a different way, choose Ponta Delgada in the Azores in 2020. On the island of São Miguel, the largest and greenest island of the archipelago, a breathtakingly beautiful landscape and the (main) city of Ponta Delgada await you. Became curious? Book a vacation here and discover! A stay at Hotel Pedras do Mar is recommended. The hotel scores a fantastic score on Zoover; an 8.9. Reviewer Sandra Jansen is also enthusiastic and writes: "Super hotel, very quiet location with friendly service and a great chef in the kitchen."

Holiday destination Matera

The southern Italian town of Matera is a feast for the eyes. The old city center, Sassi di Matera, consists of houses that are largely carved out of mountains. It is for good reason that this city is called a città sotteranea. Which freely translated means the underground city. The region in which this destination is located, Basilicata, has even more hidden gems. Get in your (rental) car and drive definitely past the following places: Maratea, Nova Siri Marina, Scanzano Jonico, Policoro, Tortora and Acquafredda di Maratea. © Offered by Zoover Eilat Israel diving coral

Holiday destination Eilat

At the time of writing, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reporting that the situation in Israel can be called calm. That is good news, which means that Eilat, in the south of the country, is eligible again as a holiday destination. This beautiful place is surrounded by mountains and there is also a coral reef (almost) directly in front of the coast. Add to that that hotels and flights are very affordable, then you know what to do. Not true? Be sure to also take a trip to the Dead Sea. With 400 meters below sea level, this is the lowest point in the world. The mineral-rich water, the black mud, the high oxygen content and the radiant, non-polluted air are a health benefit. An excursion to Jerusalem is also more than worthwhile.