Holidays with children: as long as there is WiFi

12 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Holidays with children: as long as there is WiFi

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Traveling parents don't want to arrange anything. Children's entertainment at an all-inclusive resort, or a detailed travel plan: as long as they do not have to search for hours for something fun. And as long as there is WiFi.

Entertainment and WiFi

With the all-inclusive and package holidays, clear trends are visible this summer. For example, families are again opting for Turkey en masse, says Audrey Denkelaar, spokesperson at Corendon, who offers many all-inclusive trips. "Turkey is again very popular because of its good price / quality ratio and because the hotels are perfectly suited to children. think of much more animation, many slides and a children's buffet in the restaurant. " In addition, children's entertainment now extends beyond a children's disco or craft. "Hotels now have a game room, give workshops or have an art room and a science lab. There are even hotels that give the kids a DJ workshop."

Distant travel

North America, Thailand and South Africa have been popular distant destinations for families for years, says Leonie van Duijn, destination expert at Riksja Family, part of Riksja Travel. The travel organization specializes in organizing long-distance trips for families. "In recent years, more and more families are traveling to Morocco, Costa Rica and Canada." According to Van Duijn, these traveling parents find freedom important when traveling. "That there are also days on the program where they can decide for themselves what they want. Or that they can choose what to do. In addition, they prefer to be completely unburdened and not have to figure out and arrange everything themselves." The older the children get, the more important a WiFi connection is. "We have also been asked about Instagram-worthy locations. I can imagine that it will become more important in the future." Do you want WiFi at the campsite or hotel as well as WiFi at the airport? Here you will find the WiFi passwords of all airports around the world.