Hot or cold water: advice for removing stains

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Hot or cold water: advice for removing stains

© Shutterstock Tips for determining the temperature of your wash water

It is the eternal washing dilemma: do you use cold or warm water to remove certain stains? In this article, we give you tips to determine the temperature of the water to get rid of that tricky stain.


Let's start by saying that in most cases warm water works best. This is because fats dissolve better in warm water and it also activates detergent. You are often better off with warm water. Hot water works especially well on the following types of stains:

- Coffee and chocolate stains

- Wine stains

- Grease and oil stains


In some cases, however, warm water makes stains more difficult to remove and you are better off with cold water. Treat stains containing protein with cold water such as. These are stains such as:

- Blood Stains

- Dairy Stains

- Egg Stains

- Glue Stains

The Protein in this type of stains hardens when it comes into contact with warm water and then becomes very difficult to remove.

What if you do not know exactly what type of stain it concerns? Then try washing in cold water first. If this does not produce the desired result, you can always go for warm water! By cold water we also mean water with a temperature of 30 ?. Detergent is insufficiently activated by water below this temperature.

Source: Cleanipedia