Hotel review: Sea Containers London

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Hotel review: Sea Containers London

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Stay the night on the Thames for luxury, comfort and the best view of London

Where do I stay?

In an amazing location in London, on the South Bank directly on the Thames. This 15-storey building was to become a hotel in the 1970s, but was eventually taken into use by companies including Sea Containers. In the meantime, the building has been used as a hotel a few years ago, with a clear tribute to its past. The nautical history of the building can still be seen in the stylish hotel and designer Tom Dickson has a clear view The design is based on the transatlantic journey from the United Kingdom to New York.

© Offered by Pijper Publishing BV Hotel review: Sea Containers London What does my room look like?

The 359 rooms and suites were all designed by desinger Tom Dickson. In the studios, suites and the riverview apartment you also have a wonderful free-standing bath. 30 percent of the rooms have a river view. If possible, do your best to book one of those rooms, because the view of the Thames is - especially in the evenings - very impressive.

What is there to do?

Although you can easily get to all parts of London from here, you don't have to leave the South Bank. From excellent art - the Tate Modern is a short distance from the hotel - to Borough Market: you won't be bored here for a second. There is also plenty to do in the hotel, for example, there is a cinema at -1 and there is an extensive spa, where you can book numerous treatments and enjoy an afternoon of relaxation in all luxury.

What is there to eat and drink?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the Sea Containers restaurant. Brunch is also served on the weekend and in the summer months you can enjoy the delicious dishes on the terrace - often meant for sharing with the table. The hotel also houses not one, but two bars where you can go for excellent cocktails. In the Lyaness, a stylish bar on the ground floor of the hotel, you might drink the best cocktail you ever had. The menu consists of ingredients, not cocktails. In this way the team puts together the perfect cocktail for everyone. In 12th Knot - on the rooftop bar, you guessed it, the twelfth floor - you do order "normal" cocktails from the menu. This is the place to be on weekends. Expect hip locals, chic cocktails and a breathtaking view of the London skyline.

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