Hotel review: The Slaak, Rotterdam

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Hotel review: The Slaak, Rotterdam

© Lonely Planet Hotel review: The Slaak, Rotterdam

The Slaakhuys from the 1950s was the building of the socialist newspaper Het Vrije Volk until 1976 and has now been redesigned as a boutique hotel. The Slaak lives up to its history: from the 1950s-style wallpaper and old-fashioned floor coverings to the Didot34 restaurant, which is named after the newspaper's font.

What is the atmosphere like?

Spacious and welcoming. When you cross the threshold, you enter a light room with high ceilings and original tiled columns, a bar on your left and an open kitchen on your right. A background noise of cheerful chatter comes to you from the benches in the dining room. The original, large staircase leads to an inner balcony from which you can view the action from above. Both hotel guests and locals come together in the hotel.

What does my room look like?

Each of the 74 rooms has been designed with writers in mind. They all have a handmade wooden desk and the suites have typewriters. The custom-made benches and cupboards in calm tones are in the 1950s style and a nod to the heyday of the building, when the press room and corridors were filled with tortured journalists and editors. High concrete ceilings and large windows in the rooms give a grand appearance and reflect a busy past. The king-size beds are wonderfully soft, but the abstract murals on the opposite side can be quite daunting.

What is there to eat?

At Didot34 they serve an international menu in small portions. A typical lunch can consist of tartar with soft-boiled egg, tender cod with parsley, leek and potato, and panna cotta of yogurt with fennel.

From € 155;

Opening image: J. Filipe Wiens