How do you break a friendship with someone you no longer see as a friend?

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How do you break a friendship with someone you no longer see as a friend?

© Grazia How do you break a friendship with someone you no longer see as a friend?

Friendship is the best thing there is. But sometimes in life you also have to let go of people who no longer serve as support. Growing apart is a natural process. But how do you decide when it's time to really break the friendship?

Break friendship

The hardest lesson to learn is when to walk away. You don't want to lose a good friend because of a fight that got out of hand. We have listed a number of things for you that you should consider before breaking a friendship.

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1. Nobody is the perfect friend

We all have different friends to make different reasons. Your drinking buddy, your work friend, your bestie, your sports buddy and so on. No one can offer you absolute perfection in a friendship. And that's okay. If you are looking for perfection then it is a good time to first look at what you are looking for before you make the mistake to your friends.

2. People change, even your best friends

Change doesn't always have to be bad. Communication is necessary and must always be the first step if you have difficulty with how something goes. It is possible that the change is so drastic that it is a reason to go your own way. It is important to tell this honestly and to give him or her a chance to work on friendship. If you don't notice a change, you can break the friendship.

3. Casual friends

Casual friends are often seen as new friends. We try people out like shoes. Do they suit you? Do you feel comfortable with it? If that is not the case, it is easiest to keep their distance and quietly disappear from their lives. They usually understand the hint. So don't worry yourself that you have to say goodbye to them in a big way.

4. Be honest with your good friends

A confrontation is not something we are keen on. It is unpleasant to tell the person that this may be "the end" of your way. But honesty is the best policy. Not only will you feel better, your good friend will appreciate the conversation and maybe it was all a misunderstanding.

Good communication can lead to redemption or a confirmation of the reason why you no longer want to be friends with them. But no matter how angry or justified you are in canceling the friendship, respect their feelings and be honest.

5. Some friendships are or become TOXIC

A friendship must, for the most part, bring out the best in you. Friendship is a two-way street. One person cannot maintain a relationship alone. That is not friendship. The dictionary defines a friend as "one attached to the other by respect or affection." Note the most important word, respect. If a friend cannot give you the courtesy of respect, he / she does not deserve your friendship.

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