How do you start a watch collection?

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

How do you start a watch collection?

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The benchmark for every stylish man: the watch collection. But to immediately buy a Rolex Datejust as the first watch is also something again. How do you start the collection? What are things to look out for?

What is the style of your watch collection?

Let's start looking for a style. It is a shame to spend dozens, or not hundreds, of euros on watches that you will never wear. So it is so handy to think of what you like and when you would wear it. An important step if you are at the start of the creation of a watch collection.

Watch to be able to do everything

Are you a James Bond fan of the diving watches? Not necessarily because you actually go swimming and diving with it, but probably more because you love the appearance. The indestructible steel, the color of the dial. A watch that you could do everything with. If you ever end up in a disaster, you can count on such a watch.

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Or do you prefer the old-fashioned charm of a dress watch? The crocodile leather strap, the often easy to read watch face. Sometimes they are round, sometimes rectangular. The elegance of a dress watch is unparalleled. Certainly if you have a style that consists of classical pieces, you will be able to appreciate such a watch.

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Are you perhaps more of the extreme minimalism? ? Then you should go to our Northern Neighbors for your watch collection. The Swedes are mainly very skilled in manufacturing apparently very simple watches that are always quite ingeniously put together. A watch from Scandinavian origin can therefore be recognized quickly because there is nothing on it that is not essential. You could also call it soothing.

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Look for affordable alternatives

We understand that at the start of your collection career have no piggy bank full of golden ducats swinging around to spend on a watch. So look for alternatives that give you the right style without getting yourself deeply in debt.

An example of a brand where you get value for money, but stays nicely within a modest budget, is Seiko. This Japanese company has been working with high-quality products for years and can even compete with the largest watch brands. Even James Bond wore this brand several times. And tell yourself, if you put a Cartier Tank and a Seiko SXGN56P1 - perhaps a less sexy name - together, you will see that the aesthetic differences are negligible.

Other brands with a good price feature but good style options are: Pulsar, Timex and Casio. Daniel Wellington, the forerunner in the field of Scandinavian design, is also generally affordable.

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