How do you suddenly get those short hairs?

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

How do you suddenly get those short hairs?

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Suddenly you see a few small strands of hair appear above your forehead. It looks a bit crazy and you wonder, how can this happen all of a sudden?

These may be new hairs, but it could also be that your hairs have broken off. Which of the two is the case with you is in this difference:

You can see from broken hair that they are kinked and have different lengths. Moreover, broken hairs often have thin split ends.

You can tell whether your hair is damaged by the way you care for your hair. For example, do you use a straightener? Do you blow dry your hair regularly and brush your hair while they are still wet? Then there is a greater chance that your hair will be slightly damaged.

Even if you regularly wear a bun, you have a greater risk of damaged hair. Often short hairs appear around your forehead and temples. If you like to wear a bun, choose a loose bun, then your hair will pinch less.

Your hair falls out and new ones grow back. This happens once every few years. Fortunately, the hair loss cycle is different per hair so that you do not suddenly go through life bald.

At least never cut them, but hide them with the help of a little hair spray, for example. Once they have grown two centimeters, it is less noticeable.

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