How does your child make friends?

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How does your child make friends?

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When you think back to your own childhood, many memories will probably come to mind. While one in the neighborhood played with countless friends, the other had been more withdrawn since childhood and less looking for friendships. After all, one child is not the other child. However, friendships give you confidence, so it is better for your child's development that he or she learns how to make friends. As a parent you can help with this.


According to psychologist Gwen Dewar, self-control is an important pillar in the road to friendship. As a growing person you simply don't have that much of it. It appears that children create more self-control when parents respond to their child with understanding. So instead of insinuating that your child is getting involved, you can also say that you find it annoying.

Questions and empathy

Children tend to ask endless questions. Guide your child in acquiring good conversation techniques. After all, conversations create solidarity. Having empathy is something that is difficult to learn. You can, however, teach a child what certain facial expressions mean.

Play alone

Some children are naturally more closed and simply prefer to play alone. Don't worry about that. The need for friends comes naturally.


Is your child a trifle frog? That doesn't mean he or she can't have friends. It may indicate that it is a sensitive child. Do not force your child too much, because you will probably achieve more frustration with that. For example, play along once to show how they can deal with frustration.


Not everyone is a natural talent in making friends, not even your child, but it does create an environment in which there is room for this. Have other children join in for dinner, and try to let play parties continue as much as possible even though it may not suit you.

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