How washing dishes helps against stress

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How washing dishes helps against stress

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That mountain of washing up might not look attractive and you've been trying to ignore it for a few hours. Although it is not your favorite activity, scientific research shows that washing dishes can support you mentally. Isn't that convenient in these times of crisis where you sometimes don't know where to look?

Washing dishes can have a positive effect on body and mind for these reasons:

< p> Digest

After that delicious meal, getting up again to do the dishes gives your body the opportunity to digest. That is better when you stand upright.

Rest your mind

While you are washing your hands, you don't have to think about anything. These kinds of moments are important to calm your brain that works overtime for a while.

Stress reduction

Washing dishes can help in times of stress. With stress you have the feeling of losing control and you take it back during washing. You take the dishes in your hands and make sure it is clean. This gives your brain the signal that you have influence on what is happening.


A clean kitchen without a mountain of dishes radiates peace. You can create that peace yourself by not letting it get to the point where there are mountains of dishes in your kitchen.

In short, washing dishes under control? Then you have a little more control up there!

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