How you live says something about who you are

12 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

How you live says something about who you are

© Shutterstock This is how you get to know someone

Do you want to get to know someone well? Then call unexpectedly for a cup of coffee. You can unravel many personal characteristics from someone's home interior.

Do you have a sleek and minimalist interior or a messy house with furniture gathered together? According to American psychologist Sam Gosling, this says something about your character.

Minimalist interior

Are you walking into a house where everything looks sleek and minimalist? Then probably an ambitious person lives here who likes to have everything under control. Often these are also good managers in the workplace. There is no mess to be found, everything is perfectly and perfectly decorated.


You can always pick a meatball with someone with a country-style house. Coziness and being together are paramount. With lots of wood and natural tones, it quickly feels warm in the house.


Traditional people often live in a classically decorated house with colonial furniture, antiques and family portraits on the wall. They love politics, culture and nature and can hold lively discussions.


Do you end up in a house with lots of color, cushions with cheerful prints, candles, colorful bowls, rugs, and is there incense lit? Then you are probably visiting a creative person with an open mind. It may be a bit of a chaos, but because there are no rules you can really relax.

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