"I can't do this, I'm not a teacher"

06 Oct 2022Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Go ahead: break your daily routine and - now in this corona time - also have to take on the role of a teacher. Not everyone is given that talent. Anouck (46) - mother of a daughter and out of work due to chronic illness - concludes in all honesty: "I can't."

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I am not a teacher. And there has not been a moment when I felt the ambition to become a teacher. Because I know my teaching skills: there are none. For example, I have not even thought about becoming an operating assistant or accountant. I'm too chaotic for it.


And now I'm a teacher. Against will and thanks. In the first weeks of this - in all respects - crisis story, my daughter Chuck (10) and I started in good spirits. We sometimes went to wash this pig! Not so. Working from home is hard. It is much. It makes me despondent to constantly shout after a child to do something.

And let's face it, let's face it, a child who gets the balls of this whole crazy situation. She does not understand that she should not cuddle with people who are dear to her. She doesn't understand that she can't go to her grandparents. She does not understand that there is no school, but she has a lot of schoolwork. And that her parents are now the most important people who have to explain that school work to her.


At first it seemed like a big, nice holiday. But that's not it. It is crisis. It is simply utterly lousy. There are two parents after her who feel all day long that if they don't shout they will fall short. Who only think that they will be watched if they send back a child who has not spent enough time on arithmetic or language. ! Isn't it that difficult ?! It's been 35 years for me! You were in school three weeks ago! Sit now ..! No ... I said sit down! ” And do I call: "The table of 8. From 8. Am I saying it clearly? Why fractions? If you want to learn fractions, you just have to do that with your teacher. ”


And then an email comes in. From Klasbord, Topomania, a new project, maths garden or reading sea or perhaps the other way around. From zoom for RT, or a teacher who (rightly) wants contact. From a book report or a scene from the play that they were preparing and are now working out. Draw a flower from your garden and keep a journal of how your day is going ... Reports are coming in from the most wonderful parents who make planning boards. And who also show that. From parents who create the most amazing things besides their full-time jobs.


And me? I am home. As befits the good citizen. I have no work, because my body is too bad. I have a lot of people around me who no longer have a job. Because of this crisis, because they are old and / or weakened so that they cannot go outside. I have people around me who are sick, or people with sick people around me. And I know people who have been lost to favorite people by this rotten story.

Out? Yeah ... uh ... are we done with your school work? Go on, doll. We'll try again tomorrow. I am not a teacher. And I feel like a derailed mother. Cursed corona!