"I don't dare fire my mother"

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

In our popular section Opgebiecht you can share your secret anonymously. This time a VROUW reader confesses that she pays her mother for babysitting.

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When I asked my mother two years ago if she wanted to look after my daughter three days a week, she voted in. On one condition: that I would pay her. After all, she worked at a bakery and found it too hard to combine those two activities at her age. She had already calculated what my friend and I had to pay if she wanted to stay at the same income level. We found it strange at first, but at the same time understood her position. We also wanted our daughter to be with her grandmother rather than an unknown babysitter. Because she has an allergy, she is not allowed to eat or drink a lot and my mother can handle it well.

I still think it's great that I can go to work, knowing that my mother is on the small fits. But it still feels strange when we pay at the end of the day. That doesn't feel right. Now that my daughter is going to school this year, I have registered her for after-school care. For three days a week. That ultimately costs me even less than what we pay my mother, because we get a part of the tax back.

There was no question of a waiting list and her allergy turned out to be no problem at all. And I think it is nice that I no longer have my mother at home. She has become involved (too) much with the education of our daughter and always has the mouth that we spoil her too much. That she never gets a "no" from us. My daughter complains that grandma is so strict. My friends are never allowed to go with them, because my mother thinks that is too busy.

Now I have only one problem: I don't dare tell my mother. So he will soon be out of work. She is single and is now about sixty, so I doubt she will find anything else. For me it is a good lesson. From now on I will keep my private and business divorced: grandma is grandma, the daycare is the daycare.