"I lie to my husband about my buying behavior"

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

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In this season the temperatures sometimes want to rise ... Readers talk anonymously about their summer foolishness.

"Becoming a mother means getting used to. Your whole life is now about a baby who needs constant attention. You can no longer go where you want. Nevertheless, I am delighted with our little girl who is celebrating her first birthday in November.

Income halved

< p> My husband Mark and I decided that after the birth I would only work on Friday and Saturday, so we don't have to use expensive childcare - my mother takes care on Friday, my husband is free on Saturday - and the baby is just nice at home.

That is fine by itself, although I miss my job When I was in the hair salon five days a week, I had a lot more responsibility. I replaced my boss during her absence and I was a source of information for everyone, not anymore, and I also think it is annoying that my income has more than halved, while our spending pattern has increased.

Last minute books

Mark and I deposit money in proportion to our joint account. We also each have our own savings account. We have agreed that we can do what we want with that money, although Mark has said he does not think it is fair if he should pay for the holiday alone. We are, or were actually, planning to book a last minute to the sun in September.

My problem is that my savings account is completely empty and I even have a red card on my credit card. I just find it hard to live economically. When my daughter is asleep, I like to look at online children's clothing stores and often I buy something. I also find it boring to sit at home with the baby all day. So I often go shopping with her or drink coffee or lunch somewhere.

Money is running out

Mark sometimes asks where I got all those things and then I lie that I got them or that I bought them second-hand. He recently asked how much money I had saved so that he could make an estimate of where we could go.

He indicated that he thinks it is tough to buffer all summer and that he is tired. I, too, find work hard during this period. Everyone wants to be cut and colored before and after the holidays and the conversations in the chair are only about fun trips. What's more, vacationing colleagues are not being replaced, so I work twice as hard. I am really looking forward to being with the three of us for two weeks and enjoying the sun and the sea.

I have not said anything yet, terrified that I will soon receive reminders from the bank. And that Mark then says that we are not leaving at all. I'm afraid I have to tell him that my money is running out. Hopefully he is not too angry. "