"I regret our swing adventure"

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

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“A few months ago, my husband and I wanted to make our sex life a little bit harder. In the fourteen years that we have been together, we have experimented more often. For example, we once went to a swingers club together, but in the end we only did it together while others watched. In the meantime we were ready to go that extra mile, but rather in a private situation and not in a club.

We had a lot of fun, giggling together in front of the computer like two naughty children, while we registered with a website for swingers. But if I had known then what I know now, I would never have done it.

My husband suggested that I be able to figure out the couple for our first 'swing experience', so that I would feel completely comfortable with it. would feel. I scrolled through the online profiles and finally found a couple who I thought would suit us. To be honest: I thought the man was a good thing, but the woman was pretty ordinary. Not ugly at all, but a bit of a gray mouse. Certainly not the type that warms my husband. It sounds a bit mean, but I thought it was so pleasant somewhere.

Fortunately, they also saw us and we soon planned a meeting. We would eat together and if there was a click, the evening would continue in a nearby hotel.

And it clicked, indeed. It was even very pleasant, although the couple's wife did indeed appear to be rather timid. At least, I thought so. I was unpleasantly surprised when she undressed: there was not much left of the gray mouse in her lingerie. The Mouse had a great body - much better than in the photo - and turned out to be more flexible than a multiple gymnast.

I could hardly enjoy my sexual experience with her husband, because I was completely blown away by the violence that took place in the bed next to us. I had no choice but to watch her make my husband completely crazy, his screams and moans still echoing in my ears. My husband even broke his promise that he would not have an orgasm with someone else (afterwards he extensively apologized.) He was "raided by it," he said. He tried to explain why, but I shut him up as soon as he started talking about "the mouse-cone muscles" of The Mouse, as I call her in my head. That only made it worse!

Since then I can no longer get out of my mind that night. The swing has not ensured that our relationship got a boost, but that I have become extremely insecure in bed and sometimes even want to slap my husband in the face as soon as he tries to apologize again. The few girlfriends I have trusted in this regard say that I am unfair, but I do not know how I can ever escape from that obsessive spiral of thought. I'm afraid I made a terrible mistake, and by now I would do anything to get our saltless but pretty happy, trusted sex life back. "