"I spend less with Sinterklaas on my stepson"

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

In our popular section Opgebiecht you can share your secret anonymously. This week a reader tells us that this year Saint Nicholas is a little less generous for her stepson than for her own daughter ...

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"I have one daughter and my friend has one son. We have been together for almost five years and the children, 7 and 6, can get along reasonably well. Every year we celebrate Sinterklaas as a composite family and for years I spend more on gifts for my daughter than for my stepson. My friend knows nothing ...

My daughter and I are four hands on a stomach, she is my "everything". When her father left me shortly after her birth, she kept me going. I had to carry on for her, while I would have preferred to crawl under a thick duvet. Our bond is therefore very close.

Two years after my divorce I met my current friend. He has a son. He and his mother had never really been a couple, but he wanted to play a role in education. I thought that was so sweet; my ex barely made himself heard.

We quickly started living together and his son came to visit us every other weekend. I had my hands full of two toddlers in the house, but I could handle it in love. It was cozy! It was always noticeable that the male was much busier than my daughter. A real boy. Throwing things, shouting. Everything broke.

I had to comfort my daughter after he had once again carelessly handled her things. Decapitated barbies, shredded drawings ... She was inconsolable when he put the scissors in the hair of one of her dolls. I can't always have his busy behavior. If he comes to us after a busy working week and immediately demands all attention, then I sometimes curse that I have hit a man with a child. to become. I also find him cheeky. His mother apparently barely corrects him. Our children always played a lot with each other, but that has also been declining lately. Then he goes outside to play with the neighbor children, which I like.

You never feel the same for your stepchild as for your own child. I can have a lot more from my daughter, everything actually. While my wick is quite short with my stepson. For years I spend less on Sinterklaas gifts for him than for my girl.

After all, he destroys everything! My friend and I have agreed on a total amount that I distribute very disproportionately. He doesn't notice that, because he has absolutely no knowledge of toy prices. I buy cheap toys for my stepson in such a stunt price shop. As long as the packages are big enough ...

Still, I feel guilty every time he unpacks everything enthusiastically. You should not make a distinction between children and I do. He can't help it that I don't feel the same for him as for my own child.

This year I again gave my daughter about a 40 percent advantage over my stepson. That gnaws at me. Maybe I should straighten it out for Christmas. If my friend ever finds out, the bomb will burst. I have the idea that he cares about both children just as much.