If homeschooling equals arguing ...

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

If homeschooling equals arguing ...

Some mothers become talented school teachers during self-quarantine, others feel more like a referee and prefer to send their child out of the classroom for a few hours. What is more important: keeping the sweet peace or keeping your child's grades up to date?

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by Yara Hooglugt

Many readers struggle with home education. It is also quite a job: the teaching material is unknown, children are annoying and meanwhile mothers themselves also work at home. While most teachers also keep a finger on the pulse online, mothers increasingly feel responsible for their child's school performance. Quarrels are lurking and reader Hilde (40) wonders, for example: "How on earth can I keep motivating my child to do his school work, while it only gets more arguing?"

Choose your battle

Child coach Marlies Ganzeboom advises mothers to let the strings celebrate and not to fight again and again. Choose your battles. If the homework is not finished on time, then it is true. Do not put salt on all the snails, but see how they stand and weigh which boxes are most important. Children don't always like school. This includes appropriate laxity and indifference with which they sometimes take on tasks. So you don't have to sell school as an activity that is always fun and enjoyable. ”

Instead of acting as guardian of the grade lists, you better choose the role of interlocutor, Marlies says. "Talk to your kids, ask what they are doing. They miss school, hang out, glands. For example, respond to this and ask if they would like to stay in this class. If so, they will have to work for it and keep up with their schoolwork. They have it in their own hands. ”

“ As a mother, if you keep pushing on and just don't start doing your kids' homework yourself, you keep them stupid. Then they never learn to take responsibility. If their behavior leads to staying put, it is the consequence of their own behavior that they have to learn to accept. Also, don't forget that school and all teachers are still doing their job. Use the power of school, request a conversation with a teacher, and get help from the mentor if you really don't remember. That's what they're there for. What you don't get through with your child, you put down with school. ”