If you want to be a real dandy you have to wear a wedding suit

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If you want to be a real dandy you have to wear a wedding suit

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It is a job in itself to think about what to wear to a wedding. If you really feel like it, then this aristocratic outfit might be something for you. Being able to wear a morning coat properly and stylishly is another art in itself. But if you do it right, you're the best dressed man at the party anyway. Except for the groom, hopefully.

History of the morning coat

Obviously this dress comes from England. The country of formally dressed men. In the upper class, the morning coat, where appropriate called morning coat or morning dress, was used to ride a horse during the day. Compared to the then usual frock coat, this version had a cut-away long coat. This made it look elegant on horseback. The frock coat was banned around the death of King George V and the ascension to the throne of his son David. Instead of the long straight coat, the cut-out was preferred.

Most formal option

The morning coat is still the most formal option for men during the day. You can compare it with white tie in the evening. A good morning coat consists of a black coat with cut-away long panels and trimmed lapels. Gray trousers, often with stripes. The cardigan is in a contrasting color. You can also choose a morning coat complete in a single color. Gray is the most common option.