If your teenager stays home on his own ... "As if a bomb had exploded"

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If your teenager stays home on his own ...

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WOMAN reader Marion was in tears when she returned to her home after a short vacation. Because that looked like a battlefield ... "Our adolescent (17) was allowed to stay home alone for the first time while my husband and I went to the campsite for four days. What we found on return was not pretty to say the least. Me I really stood with the Greeks in the garden. "

Marion:" He had been home alone for a night, but never for several days. We thought we had made good arrangements, but when we got home it was as if a bomb had exploded.Mr had held a 'dinner party' with friends, but had visibly forgotten that tidying up is part of it .The lasagne was just not against the ceiling. But does this situation mean that he is actually too young to stay home alone? "

Development Level

We presented her mail to our educator Marina van der Wal:" The moment on which you entrust the value of your mortgage to your child, you can only leave your child at home leave. I am always surprised that people are shocked that their children will party when they are not at home. That they say so firmly: "My child does not do that."

When you can leave a child alone, it has less to do with age, but more with the level of development. Whether a child is able to withstand temptations, can cook, can do laundry and can handle things responsibly varies from person to person. This is different for every child and every family.


For example, at our home we left the youngest alone rather than the oldest. So it's not so much about age, but how the child develops. Can it resist pressure from friends? Can it take care of itself?

There are children aged 15.16 that you really can't leave alone. Other children of the same age are confident. Explain why that is. Why one can stay at home alone and the other cannot.

Wall cupboard

But even when you make appointments, things always remain undiscussed. Parties yes or no? Which friend may or may not stay the night? Walk through the house with them, explain how the fuse box works. What to do in the event of a fire? Because it is about your house, isn't it! If there is a burglary because the windows were open, you will get a problem with the insurance.

And your child must also eat. Are you stuffing your fridge full or do you let your child do the shopping himself? You also have to make agreements about money. My advice: give the money in parts so that you can transfer something in case of an emergency. "My tip: set up a trial weekend in advance. Go away from Friday to Sunday. If that goes well, you can take a little longer go. "