In this way animal prints add something to your interior

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

In this way animal prints add something to your interior

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Cushions with leopard print on the couch, a cowskin on the floor or a wallpaper with exotic birds: one of the living trends this year is the animal print. Still not convinced? Vtwonen gives four reasons why these animal prints can also add something to your interior.

Animal prints are versatile

Whether an interior is modern, industrial or classic: animal prints fit into any interior and in every room. Think of a bedspread with zebra print, a toothbrush holder with a giraffe motif or an ottoman with a snake pattern.

Animal prints are timeless

Like natural materials, animal prints are also timeless. Alternate the prints every so often that your interior remains surprising and you will not get bored of your items.

Not ordinary, but tough and stylish

Animal prints are sometimes labeled as ordinary , but in the right combinations they are stylish. A leather sofa with a rug made of (vegan) cowhide looks very cool in the living room. A classic armchair with zebra motif can provide a touch of 'new classic'. It is a matter of finding the right balance. By choosing animal prints with neutral colors, many plants and pure materials such as wood and glass, you prevent it from becoming too furry.

Small gesture, big effect

You don't need a couch with a leopard print in your living room to make a statement. Subtle items with an animal print also give your interior more zest. For example, a vase with a crocodile pattern will brighten up a simple side table and a decorative pillow with tiger print will immediately give your sofa a cooler look. Accessories with animal prints give your laid table a warm, stylish look. Think of a table runner with zebra motif or coasters with different types of animal prints.