In this way you create a fresh look after a heavy night

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

In this way you create a fresh look after a heavy night

© Editors Happy in Shape This is how you create a fresh look after a heavy night.

The party month with all the accompanying parties is fun. Until you think about how you will feel after the umpteenth drink evening, which has again become much late. Let alone what you can look like. That's why a few handy hacks make you look fresh and fruity in no time. Seems cheating, isn't it?

The next day

Hello, sunshine! Although you prefer to stay in bed, you also want to get the most out of your day. So make sure you have the beauty products below, because that way you can quickly fake a fresh look.

Wake up

First clean your face with water and then apply a serum and eye cream. Did you know that some swear by a facial roller? It could temporarily reduce your puffiness and swelling in your face. So you have a roller, it's worth the try.

Don't you have that? No problem. Place two spoons in the refrigerator for five minutes. The cold metal can also prevent the swelling of your bags. Just be careful, the spoons can feel very cold on your thin skin.


After giving your face a boost, you can get started with make-up. Use a white eyeliner for your lower waterline. This ensures that your eyes look more 'awake'. Then use your favorite concealer to cover your dark circles. Apply some mascara and with a bit of blush you bring a little more color to your face. And that's all you need. A quick fix does the trick.