In this way you force yourself to confess a lie

13 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

In this way you force yourself to confess a lie

© Shutterstock The longer you keep the lie alive, the harder it is to confess it.

Lying to your loved ones is very wrong and we all know that, but always being honest is easier said than done. If you do tell a lie, it is difficult to confess it. Then time passes and you convince yourself that it is already too late to confess, but deep down you know that you are wrong. Do you need help to take that difficult step? Then consider the following to motivate yourself.

Honesty pays

You may get into trouble if you confess the lie, but the result is always much better than being caught on a lie. By confessing it, you show that you are sorry and that it bothers you. If you get caught, it is already too late to confess and you can no longer express regret. You can say that you are sorry, but the other person will think that you are mainly sorry because you were caught and not because you lied.

Hidden damage

You can think that everything goes well as long as the lie is intact. By telling it you can ruin everything and even hurt the other person, so it is actually better for all parties not to say so. Although everything on the surface seems fine, the lie can still do a lot of damage. Because you know about the lie and without you realizing it, this can manifest itself in your feelings and behavior. The other person can sense this consciously or unconsciously. This can gradually cause your connection to crumble and before you know it everything can collapse.

Do what is right

Apart from being often advantageous to be honest, is this is not the only reason to be honest. You should also do it simply because it is correct. If you want others to be honest with you, then you can't make it back unfairly. If you want to be proud of yourself and feel that you are a good person, then you must follow the principles that you believe in. So if honesty is one of your principles, you will have to prove it. Not only when it suits you, but also when it is difficult.