In this way you give your opinion on work in a positive way

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In this way you give your opinion on work in a positive way

© Tessa Gorgosz This is how you express your opinion on work in a positive way.

Daring to express yourself at work is very important for various reasons. Giving your opinion has a direct influence on your career. But the way you pronounce yourself can have consequences for yourself and your environment. This is how you can express your opinion in a positive way.

1. Be clear

Make your opinion known and ask questions in a clear way (without sounding offensive or demanding). So use a normal speech tone. Do not try to manipulate the other person emotionally, but simply state clearly and generally what you mean.

2. Stay calm

Different opinions can cause friction. You think something has to happen in a certain way and someone else doesn't agree with you. If you are passionate about the subject, a discussion can quickly arise. If this happens, take a deep breath and pause. Continuing the discussion if you are upset will usually lead to saying things you will regret later.

3. Be prepared

Self-assurance is proven to increase if you are well prepared. This also applies to work, whether it is a meeting or asking for a raise. If you prepare yourself, you will not be faced with surprises and you can better explain yourself in difficult situations.

4. Let other people talk

It is very important to let others speak as well. Yes, your opinion is important and you must ensure that you are heard. But it is also important to give other people the opportunity to express their opinion on the subject. Remember that half of effective communication consists of listening.

5. Use a good body language

When it's time to be assertive and say what you want at work, make sure you use a positive body language. Keep your posture straight and use an open attitude. Look into people's eyes and make sure you relax your face. Smile from time to time. This will help you to appear self-conscious.