Insidertips: here you can see the emergency light from your bed

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Insidertips: here you can see the emergency light from your bed

© copyright Columbus Travel 2020 Columbus These are the best five winter places to sleep near the Arctic Circle, all unique and including admission tickets for the aurora borealis concert.

1. Winter sleep in an igloo in Finland

© Offered by Columbus Travel Sleep in an igloo in the Finnish Pyhä-Luosto National Park. (Photo: Vladimir Koss)

What shouts more winter than an igloo? In the Finnish National Park Pyhä-Luosto, on the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi, you can make your child's wish come true by actually spending the night in an igloo. The iconic snow houses - the real thing, no weak infusions - are erected every winter. It has six beds and you get a thick sleeping bag to keep yourself warm at night. A little further is an outbuilding with bathroom, kitchen and living room. Combine this unique winter experience with a day of husky sleigh rides or "snow surfing". You can sleep in the igloo from € 210 for two people.

2. Spend the night in a tiny house

© Offered by Columbus Travel Are you booking one of the five tiny houses of The Arctic Hideaway in Fleinvær? (Photo: URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR, Pasi Aalto)

Great chance that there is no word for stress in the local vocabulary in Fleinvær, a Norwegian archipelago southwest of Bodø. There are no stores and no cars. No dangerous animals and no complaining neighbors. Want to experience how casual island life is here? Then book one of the five tiny houses of The Arctic Hideaway. Be warned: this magical place, far away from civilization, knows how to hold you as a guest. Before you know it - and after seeing the northern lights - you must book a few extra nights. Accessible by ferry or charter boat, from € 252 per person (incl. Meals and drinks). This masterpiece is part of the URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR network, an online platform with Europe's most unique, architecturally responsible accommodations. Look here for more information.

3. View the emergency light from a design hotel in Iceland

© Offered by Columbus Travel You can explore Iceland at your leisure from Umi Hotel, but staying in is not a punishment. (Photo: Umi Hotel)

Icelanders believe that the masses of summer tourists do not know what they are missing. The island also shows its best side in winter. The landscapes are brutal and the sky is brightly colored, you can park your car again in parking places and the hotels are not fully booked for a change. The new, anthracite-colored Umi Hotel offers the perfect bastion. To open a booklet between the companies, take your time for a haute cuisine lunch or dinner or hide away at the view of the Eyjafjallajökul volcano, the black sand blessed south coast and Westman islands off the coast. This design hotel is located along Ringweg 1, fifteen minutes from the photogenic Skógafoss waterfall, from € 275 for two people.

4. Spend the night in a sea cabin in Norway

© Offered by Columbus Travel In Norway you can rent these sea cabins, from your cabin you can step into your kayak. (Photo: Boutique Homes)

A lot of attention goes to the Lofoten. But just to the south, in Steigen, you will find the same mountain peaks, similar sandy beaches and similar coastal islands. Tourism is still in its infancy. One of those children's shoes is called Manshausen, a 55-hectare island off the coast, with a few special "sea cabins" on it. There are seven in total, each with large windows overlooking the sea. You don't get bored. You can swim in a natural bath with salt water, take a seat in a hot tub or sauna, kayak or stroll on a private beach. Book your 'sea cabin' from € 181 for two people.

5. Retire to a Sky View Cabin in Finland

© Offered by Columbus Travel The sky is the limit in Finland. (Photo: TEEMU@TWELVE.FI)

The northern lights can also be seen above the Northern Lights Ranch in Finnish Lapland. Due to the absence of artificial light, the sky above this part of Lapland (fifteen minutes drive from Levi) is crystal clear. Think of it as an empty, transparent canvas on which Mother Nature celebrates her artistry: green strings, purple streaks and sparkling stars. You watch this natural spectacle from your bed, because the 16 Sky View Cabins on the ranch are equipped with glass skylights, from € 275 for two people.

Where would you like to see the emergency light?

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