Inspiring architecture for when you are indoors

17 Jun 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Inspiring architecture for when you are indoors

Are you still a bit full inside? With this beautiful weather, we naturally hope that you have a pleasant garden or balcony to enjoy the outdoors. Of course you can go around the block, but think carefully about a meter and a half away! If you don't feel like taking that into account, but want to change your mind with looking at beautiful architecture, then you can get lucky with this fun Ideabook. We have put together a lot of fun and inspiring images from the experts of RHAW Architecture from Utrecht. Go and enjoy!

Old and new

© homify / RHAW architecture Old and new

These architects like to find a nice balance between old and new: you can feel free to say that this is also the guiding principle of this article. In an old street in Utrecht you can see here a building from the 50s that is equipped with a new construction. Actually, this image says it all: this building (where the combination of working and living is possible) brightens up the entire street!

Inspiring interior

© homify / RHAW architecture Inspiring interior

The interior of this project was also part of the creatives from Utrecht. A very nice eclectic balance characterizes the interior. This creates an ideal working atmosphere. Of course, we should note that there is probably less to work with at the moment, but as soon as people can 'just' go to work again, this can become a very nice place to work together again. We would like to use it ourselves as an office!

An old garage

© homify / RHAW architecture An old garage

Give old buildings a new use : it is one of the tasks that RHAW Architecture likes to perform! Here you see, again in Utrecht, an old garage that has also been given a nice second life as a multifunctional business building. If you arrive at a workplace like this, don't you start working right away? Let's also take a look inside here.

Light structure

© homify / RHAW architecture Light structure

There are various conditions for an ideal working climate. necessary. Plenty of space, for example (and that certainly applies now if you do have to go to the office!). But light and light is also incredibly important. You can also see that beautifully depicted here. How beautiful the light enters through the skylights. A beautiful decoration with plants and flowers completes the climate here. Another office where you love to work.

Residential house

© homify / RHAW architecture Residential house

So far we have only focused on commercial properties, but you can also use a residential house knock on the door of these architects. Take this beautiful old farmhouse in Doorn on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. Also a place where you want to live like this? On the outside, a conscious decision was made to preserve the authenticity as much as possible. But wait until you look inside!


© homify / RHAW architecture Wow!

Wow, that's actually the only word that describes the interior of this farmhouse well. The nice thing for the architect was that the entire space could be redesigned, only the beam structure of the farm remained. Another case where images say much more than words ...

A new villa

© homify / RHAW architecture A new villa

We close this inspiring overview with a new villa designed by the Utrecht experts. A modern example, but with a very clear nod to the old villa district (in Driebergen in this case) where the house has risen. Here, too, there is really nothing else to say but hats off! And do you want to enjoy more work from these specialists in the meantime? Then do not skip this article!