Inspiring architecture from North Holland

18 Apr 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Inspiring architecture from North Holland

Each architect designs in a different way. That of course makes viewing various projects so incredibly interesting! In this case we will delve into the work of Nico Dekker Ontwerp en Bouwkunde. This expert knows how to design the most diverse projects in a modern way. Let yourself be inspired by the various houses that will pass and in the meantime, just daydream about your future home. It could just be that this expert from Nieuwe Niedorp in North Holland will design that for you.

Take a look inside

© homify / Nico Dekker Design & Architecture Take a look inside

We often show the work of architects mainly from the outside, this is also the case in this Ideabook, but we will now start inside. A quick look inside is always a very nice way to see how the atmosphere in a house is and especially how the architecture contributes to that. In this case, the incidence of light is particularly striking: the light enters the room directly through the opening in the ceiling. An ideal way to get extra daylight into your house and it also looks very spectacular.

The outside

© homify / Nico Dekker Design & Architecture The exterior

Did you expect that the interior that you just saw belong to this house? Maybe not! Yet that is the case. The exterior of this beautiful dune house in the neighborhood of Castricum stands out for its beautiful balance between modern and rustic. Of course the energy efficiency of the house has also been taken into consideration: the roof is almost completely covered with solar panels and in this way you can generate a lot of energy near the beach.


© homify / Nico Dekker Design & Architecture Cube

You may recognize the cube as a starting point for a home from the Bauhaus style. Architects cast this old concept over and over again and Nico Dekker has done so by making good use of bricks. In this way a wonderful balance of old and new concepts has been created. A cool and sober Dutch design with a charming edge.

Again eclectic

© homify / Nico Dekker Design & Architecture Again eclectic

Eclectic designing is something you see again and again with this architect. This is also the case with this house: the modern is always accompanied by a rustic component through the use of wood. And it is precisely this wooden extension that provides a wonderful covered terrace so that you can sit outside on the rainy summer days. Ideal right? For a family this is a perfect house to live in.

Old inspiration

© homify / Nico Dekker Design & Architecture Old inspiration

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With most of the designs we've seen to date, older concepts emerged, but in this case you can see that the classic design of a warehouse has been the inspiration! Naturally, the whole is packaged in a nice modern jacket. With the use of a lot of glass, this is of course a beautiful light house inside. The windows in which the windows are divided provide an extra nice classic edge. And with that, this is really a house to fall in love with.


© homify / Nico Dekker Ontwerp & Bouwkunde Expansion

All the projects you have seen so far concern new-build projects, but the last photo shows an extension designed for a villa from the 20s-30s in picturesque North Holland's Bergen. Very nice is that this extension is clearly very different from the style of the actual home, but fits perfectly with that. And sometimes as an architect you just have to dare a little and that is certainly the case with Nico Dekker. Do you therefore want to see more of this project? Then make sure you don't miss this item!