Inspiring rural with a modern edge

15 May 2021Updated: 4 hours ago | 52 people are reading

Inspiring rural with a modern edge

A warm and cozy interior is something that many people love. And from your own experience you may now know more than ever how important that is! If you like a country style with a classic slant and a modern edge, the work of the Flemish interior designers of Marcotte Style is something you should not miss. We regularly show images of the attractive villas that are decorated by these specialists and today it is that time again. You will see beautiful images from Antwerp where you can dream away.

A conservatory to dream of

© homify / Marcotte Style A conservatory to dream of

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This time we will not go through this house in a very fixed order, but show you some nice pictures. And we start dreaming in this conservatory! What a luxury to be able to sit in such a nice place like this. The view of the beautiful garden is fantastic, but the conservatory itself is of course also very tastefully decorated. The combination of rural and classic with a modern edge is obvious here: further explanation is unnecessary.

Atmospheric kitchen

© homify / Marcotte Style Atmospheric kitchen < p>

The attractive kitchen is also a place where the warmth and cosiness meet you. We have to admit that you have to like a somewhat darker kitchen to really like this, but that it is very atmospheric you can not ignore it. The low ceiling creates a very homely and intimate atmosphere in this place, while the kitchen is spacious and complete. A very nice combination.

Nice working from home

© homify / Marcotte Style Nice working from home

Are you also less or more condemned to working from home during this period? If you have an office like this at your disposal, that is absolutely no punishment! Here you see a bit more classic elements in the picture, but they are also surprisingly combined with modern additions. Again a well-balanced whole to enjoy and an ideal entourage to work in.

The living room

© homify / Marcotte Style The living room

The suspended ceiling in the kitchen was already noticeable and that is also the case in the living room. Here too it creates a very intimate atmosphere. Due to the relatively small windows, it can darken quite quickly in the room. That is not a problem, because a lot of attention has been paid to the lighting. In that regard, pay attention to the built-in spotlights in the ceiling. How nice it will be to sit here by the fireplace on the colder days!

The hall

© homify / Marcotte Style The hall < p>

The hall of this villa gives a very spacious impression. Ideal to receive your guests (if that is allowed again) and above all very nice for yourself to be able to come home every day. The rural is here supplemented in a very subtle way (such as by the light strip in the ceiling) with modern elements. Beautiful to see.


© homify / Marcotte Style Details

Just a detail picture to show the atmosphere. We would like to have a nice drink here, at least they are ready!

Sleep well

© homify / Marcotte Style Sleep well

We conclude the tour of this house in one of the bedrooms. A place where a good night's sleep shouldn't be a problem. The fresh rural atmosphere is also omnipresent here and the warm colors also give a very safe feeling here. This house fits around you like a warm coat! Are you curious about more work by these experts? You should not miss this villa!