International Women's Day: this is what you can do

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International Women's Day: this is what you can do

© Maaike Oude Geerdink International Women's Day: this is there to do

Today is March 8th and that means it's International Women's Day. In Amsterdam there is a march, there is the Mama Cash Feminist Festival and at NET-A-PORTER twenty female designers have started to work especially for you.

Women's Marches

Join in during the Women's Marches? Which can! The march starts at 12:30 on the Dam in Amsterdam. A great women's empowerment! Make your voice heard and come along. Click “here” for more information.

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To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of NET-A-PORTER and International Women's Day, twenty female designers have designed a capsule or an exclusive t-shirt. The profit goes to organization Women for Women International. Below the twenty designers who participate:

1. NET-A-PORTER Incredible Women x Ninety Percent

2. Gabriela Hearst

3. Rotate

4. Rosie Assoulin

5. Bernadette


7. Attico

8. Stella McCartney

9. The Range

10. Frankie Shop

11. Ganni

12. Amina Muaddi

13. Jimmy Choo

14. Nanushka

15. Charlotte Tilbury

16. Carine Roitfeld

17. Cecilie Bahnsen

18. Alexa Chung

19. Isabel Marant

20. Roxanne Assoulin

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< h2> Mama Cash Feminist Festival

The Mama Cash Feminist Festival offers a stage to female artists and activists in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam. You can for example go to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam to admire the exhibition Fearless Collective by artist Shilo Shiv Suleman. In this exhibition she shows what the world can look like if we make room for creative expression and peaceful resistance.

In WORM (Rotterdam), there is a rich programming, from film to music and from Ballroom. dance to the 'Comedy as a Political Weapon' workshop by Lux Venerea.

And in BAK, in Utrecht, queer activists from home and abroad explore safe and pleasant ways to work together and play together. Here transgender and intersex people talk about similarities and differences between their experiences and activism.

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